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Locally football is present but not on a scale comparable to the worship of basketball.  Dongguan once had a football team, Lanwa FC (联华足球俱乐部) but they soon disappeared.  The nearest professional clubs are based in nearby cities:  Guangzhou R&F (广州富力); Guangzhou Evergrande (广州恒大) and Shenzhen Moutai Ruby, roughly one hour or so away.



Shenzhen Ruby are a good team to watch and the cost is very low.  So too are both of Guangzhou's Chinese Super League clubs.


In 2010, then Argentine head coach Diego Maradona and his football players had a 10-day tour of China swinging by Dongguan.

Soon after this Arsenal F.C. from England launched a football academy.


Read about an influential Brazilian expat called Mateus who settled here and always buzzing around looking to organise games here.


If you need a coaching academy, then the below may be of use to you:


Business Name: GZYLA Football Academy

Business Genre: Football

Area: Nancheng

Address: Dongguan Sports Center

中文: 东莞市体育馆绿茵球场

Business Phone Number: 13535372958

Hours: 09:00 - 17:00

I'm not really here...

We are Murray's
We are Murray's
Super Murray's
from Murray's Bar
We are Murray's
Super Murray's
We are Murray's from Murray's Bar

Guangzhou R&F versus Guizhou Renhe
(October 4th, 2014)

The chance of seeing Sun Jihai play for the away team against a home team managed by Sven-Göran Eriksson was too much to pass on.  John, from England and Rossi, of Dalian descent went for a wander to watch a top flight game in 2014.  Eddy disappeared on the way.  He had a sports massage booked in or something.

I never felt more like singing the...

We never win at home
and we never win away
We lost last week
and we lost today
We don't give a f***
'Cos we're all p***ed up

We never win at home and we never win away...

My father said to me one day "is it red or blue for you?"
and if it's red you're out the door and I won't see you no more
and then one Saturday afternoon he took me to Moss Side
He said "my son your time has come and this is a lesson in pride"
You see the scum you never run
You stand and fight your ground
and when you've won on derby day
You're sure to hear this sound
Hark now hear
The City sing
United ran away
And we will fight for ever more
Because of Derby day


Images provided by Nick, Murray's Irish Bar, Eddie O'Neill, Angel, Marcelina and Marcelo Gomes, YaoYao Liu, Aaron Lowe, Nikki Acton-Brown and John Acton-Brown.  All copyrights belong to the original photographer and not Murray's FC.  We've just been given permission to use the material and content.  Further images have been provided and noted with care of HereDongguan magazine and HubHao's magazine/website. Every care has been taken not to rip anyone off and no profit is sought from showing any imagery.

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